Hiko Coin was founded by a group of young people who have been trying to help people with disabilities for about 2 years. It always provides fast solutions and fast transfers. The team members consist of 5 people: social media manager, customer support specialist, research and development officer and artificial intelligence specialist. Our team is dedicated to improving the user experience. Hikocoin gives users a sense of responsibility and makes them happy to help other people. Our application, which serves this purpose, works flawlessly.

How the system works?

3% of every transaction is burned. This burned part is buried at the specified address. After reaching a certain amount, the HIKOs accumulated at this address are sold and given to people in need. The needs of people who are too uncomfortable to spend the money are met by our team. However, a person who buys HIKO can earn money thanks to the appreciation of HIKOs. In this way, both the needs of the needy are met and the people who buy HIKO earn money.

HIKOBABA protocol

HIKOBABA is a protocol on the Tron Network that establishes money markets, system
that is destined to become the number one DEFI application thanks to an. HIKO BABA liquidity funds use the Balancer protocol to stimulate a deep liquidity in
the HIKO BABA ecosystem. By purchasing HIKO, HIKO BABA users can provide liquidity
while obtaining rewards. The value of HIKOBABA will increase in proportion to the purchases of individuals, and due to the increase in value, a high amount of HIKO will be collected at the addresses specified in the sales transactions. As a result, those who take HIKO and those with disabilities will also win. Assets supplied to a market are represented by an TRC-20 token HIKO

Token Use on Exchange:

The HIKO Coin may be used on the exchange for the following purposes;
Exchange Pairs: The HIKO Coin will be exchange pair against every coin on the
Trading Fees: Users who have HIKO Coin on our exchange can choose to use it as
trading fee on the platform. Meaning that the fees will be charged from the HIKO
Coin they hold. Also, an additional percentage of discount will be applied for all
users who use our token as trading fees.
Dust conversion: As HIKOBABA users trade between different cryptocurrencies, they
will accumulate “dust”, amounts of cryptocurrency that are too small to trade or
withdraw since they are smaller than the applicable fees. HIKOBABA offers an option
to convert all a user’s different cryptocurrency “dust” to HIKO and receive a sum of
cryptocurrency that is usable.


HIKOBABA will have its own Currency. It’s a standard native token for the platform. All
coins could be paired against it and users holding the token can provide liquidity
while obtaining rewards.

  • Coin Name: HIKOBABA
  • Coin Symbol: HIKO
  • Coin Decimals: 14
  • Coin Address: TRGDRRU2gRBsL24sfkLm3Q3Kfn2Ck2JaXo
  • Total Supply: ´100,000,000,000